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NEW/NOUVEAU !! Welcome to Anne Marie's house

Our family is me (Anne Marie) and my daughter Alex (11y/o) and our pets. We have dogs, cats and chickens. We also have ponies and horses with stables and an all weather riding arena onsite. We are in county Kildare which is beautiful and has lots of country activities. At weekends we go for fun rides on our ponies, do outdoor activities with Alex's friends and walk our dogs. Our local school which my daughter attends is less than 5 minutes drive away. We have availability for a student to come and attend school in Ireland. (under 13)

  • Houseold:

  • Anne Marie (Mother)
  • Alexandra (Child • 11 ans)

Max number of hosts at the same time:

2 people
  • Accept:

  • 10-18 years (girl - boy)
  • 18-25 years (girl - boy)
  • Adult (woman - man)

We are an active family and our home and stables are ideal for horse lovers. We have ponies and horses who are used to riders of different levels and an enclosed arena for riding. We am qualified to teach riding (free) and can bring guests to a local riding school where they will meet lots of other kids and can practice their English with different people. We can cater for more advanced riders with training with a senior coach and an opportunity to complete if they are at a sufficient level. We also enjoy walking our dogs, cycling, playing tennis and going on the swings in our large garden. Our local secondary school is 5 minutes by car and students are dropped and collected daily.

Proposed activities:

A typical day with us

I get up first and feed the animals. Alex gets up at 8am and during the week goes to school at 8.45am. I collect Alex from School at 2.40pm. She does her homework and has a snack. I finish work at 4pm and then we ride the ponies. Alex has weekly activities: Monday she has Athletics, Wednesday Swimming lesson, Friday riding lesson and weekend she rides out with friends, goes to a show or has friends over. We have dinner around 6pm once all the animals are fed and secure for the night. Alex enjoys doing crafts, playing computer games and playing with her friends.

  • Single room
  • Pets and animals:
    Dogs, cats, chickens and ponies
  • Nearest public transport stop:

Paid options organized by the family

If you have specific interests there is a good variety of summer camps available locally, which I can give a lift to and collect from during the summer months.

  • Paid activities
  • Swimming - 1 hour
  • Riding lesson off site - 1 hour
  • Riding lesson advanced coach - 1 hour
  • Riding at a competition - on our pony
  • Riding day out offsite - pony with picnic
  • Art class - 1 hour
  • Sport Camps
  • Riding camp - 10am-2pm Monday to Friday
  • Drama - 10am-2pm Monday to Friday
  • Art - 10am-2pm Tuesday to Friday
  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Airport

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From 560 € / week

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