You’ll find herewith the answers to the frequently asked questions.
  • What is the role of LinguiFamily in the organization of a stay or an exchange?

    LinguiFamily is a platform allowing families to organize a language immersion or a stay. We provide information:

    -          For members to find a family that matches their interests

    -          To do this in a safe way so that contact information is verified

    LiniguiFamily is not a language stay organization. We don’t supervise stays and there is no local correspondent.

  • Who is allowed to register on the Linguifamily platform ?

    Any adult, over the age of 18 can register.

    Such persons can be:

    Parents looking for a language immersion for their child in a family

    Students (up to 25 years old) looking for a host family during a trainee or a study session abroad.

    Adults interested in registering as a host family.

  • How much does it cost to register on LinguiFamily ?

    Registration on the website is free and will remain so.

    To launch the website no commission on stayings will be charged by Linguifamily. We may do so later based on services that will be provided by LinguiFamily.

  • How much does a family stay cost ?

    It depends on the hospitality fees required by the host family as well as any extra activity expenses during the stay. This information is given in the section “How much does it cost?”.

    The guest’s parents (or the of-age adult student) are in charge of travel and insurance expenses as well as spending money.

  • How much does an exchange cost ?

    In case of an exchange there is no mandatory hospitality fee.

    However, for better comfort and freedom for host families and on first exchange only, it may be necessary to ask for a hospitality fee – for example an agreed upon equal rate for both families.

    Each family is free to organize costs as they see fit.

    The guest’s parents (or the of-age adult student) are responsible for travel and insurance expenses, any registration fees in a sport club as well as spending money.

  • How are host families selected ?

    LinguiFamily is a family community based on trust. LinguiFamily wants to share the best places it has found for linguistic and cultural immersion with you!

  • Can we trust families we have never met?

    Every family that becomes a member of the LinguiFamily community must follow our Charter of Trust and must be able to display any document demonstrating probity (ID cards, residence certificate/cards, valid criminal record, recommendations).

    It is understood that no personal information will be disclosed publicly. Every document as well as private information marked with the

    sign will be communicated privately at pre-registration.

    Furthermore, everybody has access to recommendations and ratings written by previous guests. You may contact them at any time.

    Lastly, messages in the internal mailbox are monitored in order to verify that all contact is appropriate and in accordance with LinguiFamily’s ethics. Measures will be taken against any participant that does not abide by the Charter of Trust and LinguiFamily’s ethics.

    Any member who does not respect the Charter of Trust will be immediately banned from the website without further notice.

  • Can I register as a host family only?

    Yes, you can register as a host without having to send your child on an immersion trip.

  • Will I be paid when hosting a student?

    In case of an exchange there is no mandatory hospitality fee.

    However, for better comfort and freedom for host families and on first exchange only, it may be necessary to ask for a hospitality fee – for example an agreed upon equal rate for both families.

    Each family is free to organize costs as they see fit.

    The guest’s parents (or the of-age adult student) are responsible for travel and insurance expenses, any registration fees in a sport club as well as spending money.

  • How much should a host family ask for full room and board?

    As a part of the website’s launch, no commission will be added onto the cost of a stay (hospitality fees) by LinguiFamily. LinguiFamily reserves the right to change its commission policy based on the services it provides at a to be determined future date.  

  • Who is in charge of visits and tours expenses ?

    The hosting family is in charge of visits and tours proposed to the guest.

  • What is meant by « training courses and activities » ?

    They are monitored activities proposed as courses or at least on a regular basic, not far from the hosting family home, within an association or a club. A member of the family can participate but there is no obligation.

  • How old should a child be to go abroad for a language immersion trip in a family with LinguiFamily ?

    Families need to decide the appropriate age for a child to go away on a trip on an individual basis. Linguifamily’s purpose is to facilitate exchanges for young people over 10 years of age, but younger children can leave as well.

  • How much time should a child go away for on their first language immersion trip?

    Each child and each family are unique so there may be guidelines but there is no rule.

    If a child has never been abroad it is advised that the trip be limited to 2 weeks.

    A minimum 2-week trip duration allows host families to plan a varied number of outings and activities, and it shouldn’t be too much to manage for guests and hosts that are meeting for the first time.

  • What is the minimum acceptable level of language to go abroad?

    There is no minimum level. However, it is recommended that the child to be able to use simple sentences and be understood in basic daily life situations.

  • How can I provide the best possible stay for a young guest during their language immersion trip?

    Provide a comfortable bed in a single room or in your child’s bedroom. Make a time schedule with an average of one supervised daily activity.

    Young guests need to have social interaction so activities can include sport or leisure activities, creative tasks, walks or outings, visits, tours and or having family and friends over to meet them. Let him or her participate in the family activities and domestic duties as other family members would do. You should, of course, try to only speak in your language to help the guest improve their language skills.

     Welcome them as special guests!

  • What kind of schedule can I offer a young guest on a linguistic trip?

    You can make a schedule with activities and outings that may be adjusted later on.

    Going to a movie theater, visits, excursions, outings around town, cooking, DYI projects... Try to plan at least one activity per day.

  • What to do to make the best possible stay for a student (18-25 years old) ?

    Ensure that a comfortable bed in a separate or individual room is available for them. Take them on a tour of your city or area so that they can get to know it and learn how to get around themselves using public transport. 

    Suggest going on visits, doing activities and having friends or other family members over to your house so that the student can get to know other people. Try and consider them as another member of the family and ask them to help with errands, chores and other tasks around the house. Only speak in your language so that they can take advantage of their time to practice and improve their language skills.  

    Be welcoming!

  • What is the "Common European Framework of References for Languages”?

    It is a set of guidelines created by the European Council that details different levels of language proficiency as applied in European schools, universities and companies. The content of each level is available on Wikipedia or on the Council of Europe website.

  • What kind of photos can I upload on my profile ?

    The photos uploaded and published on your profile are public, this means that anyone browsing the website can view them. It is recommended that no photos displaying you or your family’s personal information or your private life be used (for example, anything showing your address such as a mailbox).

    For the safety and wellbeing of your children, it is recommended that no close-up photos be used, we recommend using photos that have been taken from a distance.

  • When can I have access to the family contact information ?

    The contact details of the family will be communicated to you as soon as you have made a pre-reservation, and provided the family has given its agreement.

  • What should I do if contacted by a member of the website ?

    You should first communicate through LinguiFamily’s internal mailbox.

    For your security and peace of mind do not exchange any personal information through the platform’s internal mailbox.

    Once you agree on the details of your stay (date, fees and extra activities) you can start the pre-reservation. It will allow you to have access to further information regarding the family.

    You will therefore be able to freely exchange by email, telephone or through video mail such as Skype, Face Time or Whats’app to better know each other.

  • Once we agreed on the details of the stay what should I do ?

    Specify the exact dates of your stay with the family (from arrival until departure).

    Book your ticket and send a copy to the family to avoid any confusion on the arrival time and date.

    Start the administrative procedures a.s.a.p (see- how to prepare for departure ?)

  • How to prepare for departure?

    ID cards and travel documents: Contact the embassy of the destination country to check the documents needed when entering the country (ID card, passport, visa and other mandatory documents- proof of accommodation, return flight ticket). You can check official embassy websites online.

    For minors, under 18 years of age, an authorization from their parents to leave the native country may be required. Check whether it is required on official embassy websites.

    Insurance: It is recommended that travellers obtain personal liability and repatriation insurance covering expenses for illness or hospitalization, accidents to others, all activities that may be done during the stay, travel cancellation, repatriation, as well as luggage and or bank card loss or theft.

    Private Health Insurance: If you are covered by private health insurance you must inquire about its validity and or the procedure to follow in the destination country.

    Banking: Inquire with your bank to ensure that you or your child’s bank card- debit or credit- is usable in the destination country. Most cards operate in foreign bank machines and currency can be exchanged directly upon arrival by withdrawing money from a bank machine.

    Phone Plan: Contact your mobile or home phone provider to inquire about using a mobile phone abroad and or making calls abroad to avoid unpleasant roaming fees when your child returns.

  • How can I be reassured about my child’s language immersion trip?

    First of all, you should know that  the first days will be difficult for both of you. We draw your attention to the fact that the more you are in contact with your child (by email, Skype or telephone) the harder their integration will be. You should therefore restrict exchanges  during the first week and let them know before leaving that having little contact is for their own good.

    Be careful with computers and tablets. Your child will be hundreds or thousands of miles from home, living with an unknown family, not quite comfortable with the language and it is tempting to use a tablet to communicate with their friends back home or to sit in their rooms and watch movies.

    Inform your child to be aware of and to pay attention to social and behavioural rules or customs in their host family and in the place they visit.

    In case of medical treatment or any specific recommendations, make sure the host family has clearly understood your indications.