Quality Charter

Linguifamily is a unique online platform which operates in a special way. It relies on values such as honesty, goodwill and sharing that we must preserve to guarantee the smooth running of the stays. That is why we ask each of our members to commit to respecting this Quality Charter.

Host families Commitment

You commit yourself to the quality of the stay

At LinguiFamily we consider that the success of a stay depends on the personal effort of the host family in their guest’s stay. Families must pay attention to their guest, so that the child feels wanted and interested throughout their stay.

Host families have the duty to provide to their guest with:
  • - A safe and friendly environment.
  • - A clean bedroom with a comfortable bed and adequate storage space.
  • - Varied and balanced meals, shared together (unless otherwise clearly indicated on your profile)
Let guests participate in family activities and domestic duties, meals preparation, as other family members would do.

Whatever their age, don’t forget that guests don’t have the same native language and culture as you and that confusion may occur at any time! It happens frequently at the beginning of a stay that guests answer everything with “Yes, of course!” even if they did not understand anything! Misunderstandings will follow! To avoid such situations make sure your instructions are clear.

You must be available, especially if you are hosting young people

Host families have a commitment to the child or teenager: To make themselves available to spend time with the young guest during their stay, to help them improve their language skills and cultural knowledge, to show them their local area, and possibly to take their guest to sports or other extracurricular activities. Try to schedule one activity per day (family outings, movie theatre, cultural or sports events, etc.).

Guests Commitment

As a traveller (teen, student or adult) you represent your country and your culture abroad. By choosing to go for an immersion stay in a family from LinguiFamily you want the trip to be as successful as possible. To have the best possible trip, guests have the duty to:

  • To behave in an exemplary manner with your host family and all other persons you will meet during the stay.
  • To inquire about the family rules of life and respect them.
  • To participate in domestic family duties and to offer help with small daily chores.
  • To keep your bedroom clean and tidy.
  • Do not make a habit of using your telephone when you are with the family.
  • For easy integration you should therefore limit the number of exchanges with your own friends or family to the strict minimum, especially during the first week.
Honesty and transparency

When registering as a member pseudonyms are not allowed. Indicate your real name and first name (don’t worry, only first names will be published on your profile).

As a member of LinguiFamily you accept sharing private and personal information on the website (names, address, nationality, date of birth, identity documents…) This information (marked on your profile with a padlock) will not be published on the platform. They will only be communicated to the family with whom you are booking a stay, or to your guest if you are a host family.

For safety reasons, each member must provide an ID card. each member must provide identification. Identity documents must be valid and up-to-date. A proof of residence is optional, but needed to get a "Verified Profile" label. LinguiFamily takes data security and privacy very seriously. Any information provided to LinguiFamily is regulated by our Privacy Policy.

Inappropriate behaviour

If a member is found to be disrespecting of the Quality Charter or exhibits any inappropriate behaviour, the website admin needs to be immediately informed.


LinguiFamily provides you with "good addresses" and helps you to find hosts families or guests that best meet your expectations. We take all concerns regarding traveller safety seriously. That is why we provide you with information allowing you to make the best choice and to carry out the necessary background checks. We do not control the information nor do we take part in the final decision made. LinguiFamily is therefore not to be held responsible for any problem that occurs with the host family or the guest.

We do our best to help you find the ideal family and to ensure your stay will be a memorable adventure. We wish you an enriching experience on our platform and hope you will meet great people on your future trips.