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NEW / NOUVEAU !! Welcome to Anne-Marie and Stuart home

I have 3 children, eldest girl, Emily is 14. My son, Ryan is 11 and our youngest daughter, Claudia is 10.
We have an equestrian property here in Ireland with 15 horses and ponies, so we spend alot of time outside. Our main focus is showjumping and we travel around ireland alot competing at the weekends. When not competing, we generally have fun, living in the "lake district" of Ireland there are many things to do like swimming, canoeing or paddle boarding. We also live beside the Greenway path which features miles and miles of safe cycling and walking paths. In the of peak season we can frequently take the horses to the beach where we gallop along the golden sands and take them swimming in the surf. On rainy days we travel to places of interest such as kilkenny castle, Viking sites and excavations. Wicklow is also a favourite destination for us to tour. and just generally having fun whether it is zip lining, laser tag, or bowling (although my husband is rarely beaten in bowling).
We have many animals here at the property, including 2 giant dogs and 2 smaller dogs. There are also cats and a resident gecko, Buddy so feeling lonely is never an option.

(Note Linguifamily: veuillez nous contacter pour les séjours scolaires trimestre/semestre/année)

  • Houseold:

  • Anne-Marie (Mother )
  • Stuart (Father )
  • Emily (Child • 14 ans)
  • Ryan (Child • 12 ans)
  • Claudia (Child • 11 ans)

Max number of hosts at the same time:

4 people
  • Accept:

  • 10-18 years old (girl - boy)

There are two rooms which contain two single beds in each

There may be a other students but none of the same nationality.

Proposed activities:

A typical day with us

If academic students: school usually starts at 8.45am so it's rise and shine at approx 7am. The student the helps themselves to breakfast while their lunches are being made. Lunches are plentiful and delicious. Not just your boring sandwich. Student is dropped to the school bus. On returning home there is homework and then horse ridi ng. Usually horses/ponies are exercised in the evening. The student if they wish may ride also.

At the weekend there will be horse riding competitions (if the student wishes to compete this is an extra cost but the option is available. On the other weekend days we go ziplining, movies, swimming and survival sport days.

  • Room shared with Other student of different nationality, unless req
  • Pets and animals:
    Dogs, cats, horses ( far too many) and a little geckoe gecko
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    3mins drive,11 min cycle

Paid options organized by the family

  • Paid activities
  • We will be traveling ireland to different competit
  • Sport Camps
  • At home
  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Tyrrellspass/ Dublin airport

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From 525 € / week

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