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Meet your host family: Beatriz in Spain

Ready for a Spanish experience in Segovia in Beatriz's house!

We love spend time together travelling, doing sport, going for a picnic or having lunch with our close familly. I am a Primary teacher an we would like to have someone my son age. He love sports, music, videogames, play football with friends, dance and spend time with familly. We speak Spanish but we can talk in English too. We live in a three bedromm apartment in a very nice and quiet neibourghood, 15 min to Segoviás city center and very close to walking path called "vía verde" where we walk our dog.
Segovia is a very turistic city (for the famous roman Aqueduct ) and also a really nice place to rise our kids or Learn a language close to Madrid.

  • Houseold:
  • Beatriz (Mother )
  • Javier (Father )
  • Nicolas (Child • 16 ans)
  • Nora (Child • 13 ans)
Max number of hosts at the same time:
1 people
  • Accept:
  • 10-18 years old (girl - boy)

It would be fantastic if we could send our son to live a similar experience too.

Proposed activities:

Your Spanish immersion experience :
A typical day with us

In the morning, we go to work from 8:00 to 14:00, and the children go to high school or school near our neighborhood. We have lunch together, and in the afternoon, we play sports or music.

On Fridays, my son plays Fortnite or any similar video game (it's technology day) or goes out with friends to the skatepark. During the weekends, we love to do something together as a family, such as going for a walk in the mountains, visiting a new city, or having lunch at a restaurant. We also like to visit friends and enjoy a good meal with them. Whenever we have the opportunity, we travel to another city, go skiing, or go to Madrid for events such as theater, cinema, or shopping.

  • Single room
  • Pets and animals:
    Dog And Cat
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    5 min. to the local bus and 20 min to the speed train to Madrid

Paid options organized by the family

  • Language lessons
  • Lessons at home
  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Madrid

Comments of previous guests


Une famille géniale pour un séjour en or!!

  • 5/5
  • -
  • Juliette
  • -
  • on Dec 11, 2022

Beatriz et sa famille sont adorables et ont merveilleusement accueilli ma fille de 12 ans. Avant le départ, Zayna était naturellement très stressée mais il ne lui a pas fallu longtemps pour se sentir parfaitement à l'aise, tant Bea, Nora, Nicolas et Javier ont été prévenants et attentionnés. Au programme, visites culturelles, rencontres amicales, ciné... Résultat, Zayna ne demande qu'à repartir et j'espère qu'elle pourra, cette fois, rester pour un plus long séjour !


Un séjour extra

  • 5/5
  • -
  • Nathalie
  • -
  • on Jul 13, 2022

Notre fille, Soléane, âgée de 15 ans, revient d'un séjour d'une semaine chez Béatriz, Javier, Nicolas et Norah. Elle est enchantée et ravie du séjour. Elle vient de la quitter avec beaucoup de nostalgie. Toutes ses attentes et nos attentes ont été comblées : découverte de l'Espagne, immersion totale dans la culture et langue espagnole. Elle a rencontré des membres de la famille et même pu partager l'anniversaire de Nicolas ! En ce qui concerne la communication avec nous, parents, tout a été au top : nous avons pu faire une visio en amont du voyage, ils sont allés chercher Soléane à l'aéroport et nous ont envoyé une photo rapidement pour nous rassurer (elle voyageait seule) et avons reçu régulièrement quelques photos de son séjour. Nous recommandons à 100%, et remercions encore chaleureusement toute la famille qui a adopté notre Soléane !! Nous espérons les rencontrer un jour et Soléane retournera certainement les voir. Mille mercis !!


A wonderfull host family

  • 5/5
  • -
  • David
  • -
  • on Mar 3, 2022

My name is David Logan, and I am writing you today to give my full and total recommendation of Beatríz and Javier as host parents for your organization. I have known Javi and Bea since 2013 when I studied abroad in Segovia for the summer. Given that this was my first time outside of the United States, I was very nervous about what life in another country would be like. Nevertheless, as my host family, they helped me seamlessly integrate into Spanish culture and society during my stay. To this day, I count them as close friends, and they are, in large part, the reason that I now live in Spain with my partner. Javi and Bea, along with their wider, extended family, are respectful, open-minded people with a true international perspective. Their kindness and openness to others, along with their passion for seeing people achieve the most they can in life, showed me that I could make my dream of living long-term in Spain a reality. In my opinion, there are no other people who would make better host parents for your organization than Javi and Bea. Their children, Nico and Nora, are amazing young people, each with unique talents and interests. For students who would be living with them in Segovia, there would be no shortage of new friends to make and new experiences to be had. The family as a whole is outgoing and people-oriented. With this in mind, potential students will have numerous opportunities to practice Spanish in diverse contexts and with different people. Finally, it must be mentioned that Segovia is an absolutely stunning place to experience. From the Cinderella-style castle, to the Roman aqueduct, there are numerous architectural and cultural monuments for visitors to explore. Given all of these reasons, Javi, Bea, Nico, and Nora will make a wonderful host family for international students.


An amazing family to be a part of

  • 5/5
  • -
  • Shanna
  • -
  • on Feb 3, 2022

I had the pleasure of spending 5 months with Bea, Javi and the kids as their Au Pair before covid and they invited me back a second time so I spent the whole 20/21 academic year with them. Before I came to Spain I didn’t speak a single word of Spanish, had never spent more than a week away from my family and I was the pickiest eater in my family. I spent the first couple of days getting to know Bea, Javi and the kids and acclimatising to Spain, but I instantly felt like I was a part of their family. I started trying new foods for the first time (sushi on day 4) because I wanted to, even though they offered to cook chicken for me. They have lunch and dinner together which was a new experience for me, but it allows everyone to talk about their day and how they’re feeling. I felt comfortable and supported and I opened up more about my own life in Scotland. They are a very active family and I joined in with their many activities, swimming, mushroom picking, baking and playing board games to name a few. They taught me the basics of the Spanish language and encouraged me to use it when I felt comfortable. We went on many adventures throughout my time, I’ve been to more places in Spain in 2 years than I’ve been to in Scotland in 25! They also helped me secure a full time job at an English Academy and are still helping me through my application for temporary residency in Spain. I still live in the same city and we have a close relationship with each other. I take the kids to the cinema and have movie nights with them too. I honestly couldn’t be an Au Pair again simply because I had such a great experience with them. They really are an amazing family to be a part of. Shanna

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