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Meet your host family: Tim in France

NEW - Welcome to Tim's family

Copy: Set in the Idyllic rural Champagne Countryside an hour from Paris, 30 minutes from the beautiful beaches on the lakes, and 20 minutes from the Medieval city of Troyes, this location is an ideal warm learning retreat coupled with a compassionate, dynamic and loving English family to make you feel at home at all times.

Copy: We live in a pretty renovated detached house with a large garden and plenty of room for multiple activities both in and outdoors.

TIM is a native Englishman who has lived in France for 6 years. Back in England he most recently owned a Wine business before selling his shares and securing his dream move to France with his family.
Before that he had many years of experience of teaching English as a foreign language to German students on the Kent coast. Throughout the 80s and 90s Tim was a music deejay and a cricket professional, playing for his county at all age group levels. During this time, he was also a county and National cricket coach, teaching children in numerous cricket schools.

MAGALIE is native French, but fluent in English and works as a project manager in France. She has vast experience in English French translation, and has travelled the World experiencing many different cultures. She studied in New York, USA and lived in England for 20 years.
Back in England, Magalie & Tim hosted students of all age groups, from around the World, for many years.

GABRIELLA is our 12 year old daughter. She is also bilingual in English and French like her mother. She loves dancing and participating in all forms of art and crafts, playing sports and going on long cycle rides in the countryside.
Although the two girls speak fluent French, English is the preferred spoken language in the household, although Gabriella does like to tease her dad in French!!

If you are a cat lover, you will have the honour of meeting our furry fat cat ‘INDY ‘who is also very much part of the family (well when he’s not chasing lizards or chickens!), well what would you expect being an English cat!

We offer a warm, relaxed, laid-back, fun-loving family environment with plenty of fun-filled days, friendly conversation, and fresh home-cooked meals. If you would like to join us for a bit, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Houseold:
  • tim (Father )
  • magalie (Mother )
  • gabriella (Child • 11 ans)
Max number of hosts at the same time:
2 people
  • Accept:
  • 10-18 years old (girl - boy)
  • 18-25 years old (girl - boy)
  • Adults (woman - man)
  • Couples
  • Groups and families

Brothers and Sisters or Couples are very welcome!

Proposed activities:

Your English immersion experience :
A typical day with us

Wake up time will depend on the day's schedule, but we start with breakfast, where we will talk about the day’s events.

On the menu you might get Mags’ infamous special pancakes, cheese toasties, cereals or for the more adventurous Tim’s Traditional Full English breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon, burgers, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans and bread and butter!! (not for the faint-hearted!).

After showers or bath and house tidying up. Students will be attending formal English lessons where they will learn the vocabulary on the theme of the day. Please be aware that on the day trip to Paris, the lesson will be done on the train. Our lessons are adapted to our guests.

For children lessons are focused on vocabulary and interactive learning.

For professionals and students, lessons will include vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and role playing. Being professionals, we can help you prepare for exams or interviews. Topics can cover a wide business range such as international trades, accounting, sales but also day to day activities (students preparing to live abroad)…

After lunch an afternoon activity or trip is planned every day where students will get the opportunity to practice their morning lesson.

The activities below are available to all students, regardless of their age.
Free activities include, sports (football, badminton, rugby, petangue), bike riding, forest nature trails and treks, treasure hunts, board games, baking, visiting the city.

Adults can use their free time to enjoy the famous designer centre, we will be happy to take you there.
Trips include,
A day trip to the lakes with sport activities; please bring your swimwear and trainers!
A day trip to Paris or one of the amusement parks as we are situated between Euro Disney and Nigloland.
Afternoon only activities such as laser games, bowling, tree climbing or a cultural afternoon with a visit to one of the local museums, selected based on day and preference.

Generally, we will all be back for a family dinner between (7pm-8pm) where we will discuss events of the day. In the Summer evenings, we often enjoy a bbq, where some nights you will be joined by family and friends, who all like to speak English! Silly games will be played where much fun is had, and much English knowledge can be gained!

In the evening (not available on full day trips- Paris, parks or lakes) , we also love to have film nights in English with popcorn and there are some occasions where we visit the Astronomer Observatory nearby to Star Gaze through telescopes.

Professionals or older students will benefit from another lesson in the evening where they can present their work.

For students aged between (11-14) bedtime is usually 10pm.

  • Single room
  • Pets and animals:
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    in the village

Paid options organized by the family

All our paid trips include entrance fees, transport and snacks.
Souvenirs are not included… but memories are forever.
Days trips. No more than 2 per week.
The day trip to Paris is perfect for a first visit. This trip will start with a lesson on the train ride to Paris. Students will get to see some of the most famous buildings of the city, enjoy a boat ride on the Seine and visit a museum. We encourage students to wear comfortable walking shoes!

Our students can choose between 2 amusement parks, the well-known Euro Disney and the less known but as good (with fewer queues) Nigloland. Both days will start with a car ride to the park, snacks will be provided for the day. We encourage students to take a very limited number of personal belongings as some of the rides can be very shaky, although an extra T-shirt can be useful after the water rides! We will do our best to get you to the ride you want but we cannot be responsible for the queues during the summer holidays.

We luckily live near huge lakes, called Lac de la fôret d’Orient with amazing activities. Try to finish the monster inflatable track (safety jacket provided), enjoy the pedal boat on the lakes or just have a swim. You will possibly be tested on your English whilst laying on a sandy beach or whilst eating ice-cream! Other activities available (based on swimming capabilities- jet skiing, canoeing)

Afternoon trips- Indoor activities available: Ten Pin Bowling, Laser Games, virtual reality, and Karaoke. I must warn you, Tim is good at bowling!

Some of the cultural activities near us: Visit the Renoir house and the chateau Grimaldi. If you are more into history than art, what about following the steps of the Templars from the town center to the Hughe de Payns museum. If you prefer art, the Camille Claudel museum will give you the opportunity to discover her story and her sculptures. For Champagne lovers, there are various Champagne Winery Tours with Tastings also available on request.

  • Language lessons
  • Lessons at home
  • Paid activities
  • Paris Day Trip - Eiffel Tower, Louvre & Boat Sightseeing Tour
  • Euro Disney Trip
  • Nigloland Amusement Park Trip
  • Renoir & Grimaldi Museum visit
  • Camille Claudel Museum visit
  • Templar Hugues de Payns Museum visit
  • Champagne Tour & Tasting - Philpaux
  • Champagne Tour & Tasting - Tassin
  • Champagne Tour & Tasting - Devaux
  • Champagnes & Cheeses Tasting - Devaux
  • Day trip to the Lakes - Aqua Park and Water Activities
  • Afternoon at the Game Factory - Bowling/Laser Game
  • Ice Skating & Hot Chocolate
  • Tree Climbing

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