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Meet your host family: Pablo in Spain

Welcome to Pablo and Tania's family

Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into who we are through these words:
Our family consists of Father (Pablo), Mother (Tania), and daughters (Naia and Lexa). We would like to describe some of the most important characteristics of each of us:

Pablo: I am 44 years old and I work in the healthcare sector for a multinational pharmaceutical company. I manage the northern area of Spain and have several people under my supervision. From Monday to Thursday, I dedicate many hours to my work, but on weekends and Fridays, I exclusively focus on my family. I used to be very active in sports, but in recent years, I've let the everyday routine take over and have neglected these hobbies. However, I hope to pick them up again in the coming months as my daughters grow up and become more independent. Cycling, paddle tennis, swimming, and taking walks with our dogs on the beach used to be my main hobbies. I'm excited to start surfing soon and who knows, maybe this year we can share that experience.

Tania: I am 41 years old and I've been a ballet dancer all my life. Now, I work as a dance and pilates teacher. I have a reduced work schedule in order to take care of the girls, working only 2.5 days a week. I love cooking and enjoying a good coffee on a terrace. I am a homebody and, since my work involves a lot of physical activity, I prefer to relax and focus on other aspects of self-improvement when I'm not working. I really enjoy traveling, and I love spending time by the pool.

Naia and Lexa: We are two girls, aged 7 and 5. We practice skating, but our ultimate goal is to become gymnasts. We train many hours every week and hope to participate in the Spanish Artistic Gymnastics Championship this year. We also have a strong interest in English and mathematics, and we enjoy playing any kind of game. We are fortunate to have a swimming pool at home, and when the weather is nice, we spend hours swimming and playing in it.

  • Houseold:
  • Pablo (Father )
  • Tania (Mother )
  • Naia (Child • 7 ans)
  • Lexa (Child • 5 ans)
Max number of hosts at the same time:
1 people
  • Accept:
  • 10-18 years old (girl)

Semester or school year in public or private school according to age. Our daughters practice figure skating and artistic gymnastics.

Proposed activities:

Your Spanish immersion experience :
A typical day with us

Our day-to-day:
During the week, our life is mainly focused on work, activities, and our daughters' school. Our daughters are involved in sports, and they have high training hours, especially during competition time, where they train for 15 hours a week. They have a continuous school schedule and eat at the school dining room, usually leaving around 16:30 or 17:30 depending on the day. So, except for Tuesdays and Thursdays when they have more free time, our family life during the week is quite limited. We usually save activities for the weekends, which vary depending on the weather. From March to October, we spend a lot of time at the beach with our dogs, engaging in sports like swimming in the pool or the sea. From November to February, we tend to do more traditional activities like going to the cinema or exploring the city and countryside. Sports and activities, particularly artistic gymnastics, play a major role in our lives. We attend championships, exhibitions, and master classes. We even have a mini gym at home for our girls to practice on weekends. Dogs are another passion of ours. We have a Golden Retriever and a Bichon, and we enjoy playing with them. We also visit our grandparents and other relatives as a family.

Our house and surroundings:
We live in a spacious, modern-style country house as you can see in the photos. It has ample space, including a heated pool and a gym for artistic gymnastics and dance. We have two dogs and a garden that covers more than 2500m2. Our house is in close proximity to a coastal town called Sada, and it's only 15 km away from the city of A Coruña, which takes about 20 minutes by bus.

We are a very tidy family, and cleanliness is one of our defining characteristics.

We hope you like our photos and description, and we look forward to hosting you at our home. As additional information, we have previous experience hosting girls from different nationalities, but they have always been of legal age. However, we believe that hosting a student can be more enriching for everyone.

Name of the school and address: [Please provide the name and address of the school]
Mean of daily transport to school:
Option 1: Miraflores
Option 2: Cristo Rey

How will the student commute to school?
If the schedules align, we can take them, but there is also a public bus available.

Regarding the house:
We live in a spacious, modern-style country house that is 5 years old. Our property covers an area of 2600m2, including a garden and a pool. The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and several common areas. There is a bus stop located 200 meters away from our home, and the nearest town is 2 km away, which takes about 20 minutes to reach on foot. The city of A Coruña is approximately a 15-20 minute drive or accessible by public transportation. We spend a lot of family time both at home and in the town. When the weather permits, we enjoy going to the cinema and participating in sports activities at the beach, which is only a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute bus ride away.

We prioritize order, cleanliness, and planning in our daily lives.

  • Private room
  • Pets and animals:
    Two dogs
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    200 meters

Paid options organized by the family

  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Aéroport LCG Coruna

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