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Welcome to Yvonna's house!

Hello! I live in a beautiful part of Ealing surrounded by parks and lovely cafes and restaurants. I live alone in a lovely house (with a garden) and my friends and family come over regularly and enjoy meeting my homestay guests! I also have a lovely cat who is really friendly and loves greeting guests.
I love the outdoors, walking and hiking and am passionate about the renewables business (I work in the renewables sector).
I really like hosting foreign students and have been doing this for a long time as I have travelled and lived abroad a lot and know exactly how it feels to learn a new language. I also find it interesting meeting new people from different cultures.

  • Houseold:

  • Yvonna (Other )

Max number of hosts at the same time:

2 people
  • Accept:

  • Adult (woman - man)

The school I suggest you attend will provide sociable activities and you will have the opportunity to make friends and connections.

I am providing B&B but am happy to invite my guest for some evening meals, which we can agree when you arrive. The reason I have not put half bard is because I cannot provide an evening meal every night. However, I am very flexible and we can discuss this. You can use my kitchen at any time and I encourage my guests to treat my home as their own whilst they are staying. This is important to me.

Proposed activities:

A typical day with us

I will give my guest breakfast and then my guest will go to a language school.
I will provide dinner if this is agreed with my guest and have a nice chat over dinner.
I will let my guest know about lovely things to do in Ealing and in London and they can join a local exercise class at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.
They will meet my family and friends and enjoy sociable times.

  • Single room
  • Pets and animals:
    A friendly cat
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    5 minutes

Paid options organized by the family

It is really easy to come to my house from the airport. There is a tube from Heathrow airport directly to South Ealing, which is 5 mins from my house.

  • Paid activities
  • Bootcamp (group exercise in local park)

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From 990 € / week

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