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NEW/NOUVEAU !! Welcome to Dan & Sunny's home

Both my wife and I are very open-minded and curious about other cultures. We are well travelled. We love cooking; dogs; outdoor activities; arts; movies... I am a retired librarian and a meditation teacher, specializing in compassion and Mindful Reading. My wife is a wig designer and a coach of business and health. Our house in Toronto is located beside a beautiful forest, and this will provide a very tranquil environment for our guests. We love to meet people from other parts of the world, and share our Canadian way of life with them.

  • Houseold:
  • Dan (Partner )
  • sunny (Partner )
Max number of hosts at the same time:
2 people
  • Accept:
  • 10-18 years old (girl - boy)
  • 18-25 years old (girl - boy)
  • Senior (woman - man)
Proposed activities:

A typical day with us

8:00am in the morning, we take our dog to the forest for a fun easy hike, fresh air, light physical exercise. 9:00am, back home from the walk, a 20 minutes meditation session. 9:30am preparing a health nutritious breakfast with eggs& bread&fruits. After the breakfast and a cup of coffee, we start our projects and studies. 12:30pm, lunch will be prepared ( salads, sandwich ...) . In the afternoon, each of us will work on our own projects. 6:00pm, time to prepare dinner. My wife and I usually rotate to cook dinner, Asian dishes, Italian pastas, mediterranean cooking.. After dinner, we go out for a short relaxing dog walk. At night, watching some fun shows together or playing a board game . 9:30pm, we are getting ready for our bed.

  • Single room
  • Pets and animals:
    a dog
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    3 minute walk

Paid options organized by the family

  • Language lessons
  • Lessons at home
  • Paid activities
  • Day trip to Niagara Falls
  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Toronto pearson airport

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From 440 € / week

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