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Meet your host family: Andrea in Germany

Family offers stays for students aged 16 and above for a minimum of 2 months with a school placement

Welcome! We are a happy family that has often had students from abroad as guests. Almost all of our students have the opportunity to attend the high school on our street during their stay. I will organize a school stay for your child here. In the past, I have had guest students here several times and all of them were able to attend either a high school or a comprehensive school in our town. However, it would be beneficial if your child is at least 15 years old. This way, your child can develop all their other skills in the other subjects during their stay here and will also receive a certificate of completed school attendance at the end of their stay. My family consists of me (the mother, 49 years old) and my four children, who are partly already grown up. They are 24, 21, 13, and 11 years old. We cook vegetarian, enjoy going for walks with our two dogs, love yoga and sports, but we also like to watch Netflix in the evenings... ;-) Life should be fun, alongside responsibilities! That's why we are happy to have nice guest students with us. Welcome!

  • Houseold:
  • Andrea (Mother )
  • Anouk (Child • 25 ans)
  • Deva (Child • 22 ans)
  • Noah (Child • 14 ans)
  • Jerome (Child • 12 ans)
Max number of hosts at the same time:
1 people
  • Accept:
  • 10-18 years old (girl - boy)
  • 18-25 years old (girl - boy)

Our guest should be an open-minded person with a friendly character. We like to make you happy here and you can trust us.


Proposed activities:

Your German immersion experience :
A typical day with us

When we get up in the morning, most of us are in a hurry because we want to sleep as long as possible. ;-) The breakfast table is set and everyone eats something before going to school or work. In the afternoon, we meet again at home and I cook. We are vegetarians. But the food is diverse. Then everyone rests. Everyone can do whatever they want. In the evening, we go for a walk with the dogs. During the week, we all go to bed around 9 pm. But of course, everyone can still do whatever they want in their room. But after 9 pm, it gets quiet in the house during the week. - On weekends, we sometimes go on trips or just chill. We have a very large garden and enjoy being outdoors. We live in a house that is only 1 km away from the center of our small town. So you can go shopping in the city on foot. ;-)

  • Private room
  • Pets and animals:
    Two lovely dogs
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    Very close. Several bus stops 100 m away on foot.

Paid options organized by the family

  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Düsseldorf or Cologne

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From 500 € / week

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