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30min to center of Tokyo

We host International University Students, language school students and Travelers since 2013.
Japanese style dinner and breakfast included. We have dinner all together.
My family is open minded. We accept all Guests into our family home.
When we go out somewhere, you may join us and I may also ask you to help with our housework as well because we treat guests as our family.
My own goal for homestay, which make friend and Family all of the world and then in the future I want to visit them with my family.

Marie(Mother) and Tsuyoshi(father) and friendly 2 kids.
Lina 11years old, Tomo 7years old.
Sumiko(energetic Grandma) is going to be 93years old.
My husband likes playing games when he is at home; PS4, PS5 Nintendo Switch wii-u and he has a black belt in KARATE.
Lina, she is my daughter is 10 years old. She likes to go out with guests. She plays Minecraft with PC, Switch, ><
Tomo, he is my son, 7years old. He loves playing games. Especially Minecraft currently. He is very talkative, you can practice your Japanese with him.

【 following Japanese 】

Tsuyoshi:趣味はゲームです。家にはPS4×2台、PS5 Nintendo Switch×4台があります。


Lina: 11歳、小学生です。ゲストとお出かけするのが好きです。PCでyoutubeをよく見ています。趣味は食べることと、マインクラフトです。

Tomo: 7歳、小学生です。ゲームが好きです。おしゃべりが好きです。日本語の練習をしたい人はぜひ、彼と話してみてください。

  • Houseold:

  • Marie (Mother)
  • Tsuyoshi (Father)
  • Lina (Child • 12 ans)
  • Tomo (Child • 8 ans)
  • Sumiko (Grandparent)

Max number of hosts at the same time:

4 people
  • Accept:

  • 18-25 years (girl - boy)
  • Adult (woman - man)
  • Couple

Proposed activities:

A typical day with us

While on weekdays everyone is going either to school or work. Our grandma will be home all day, you can practice your Japanese or watch old samurai movies with her.
We spend much time in the evening eating dinner together, playing games and watching anime in a familiar atmosphere.
On the weekend, guests are encouraged to either meet with friends, attend the local gym or do any other interesting hobby. Guests will be taken on a trip once a month to visit places of interest.

【 bit more information in Japanese 】




  • Single room
  • Nearest public transport stop:
    8min by foot

Paid options organized by the family

Pick up from airports can only be offered on Saturdays

If you decide to come on weekdays or by yourself we will provide you with arrival information and a map to our house.

By train from Narita airport: around 10€
By train from Haneda airport: around 6€

Following Japanese.

  • Paid activities
  • Tokyo Disney Land or Disney sea.
  • Hot springs trip one night two day.
  • Airport or station pick-up
  • Narita(pick up only Saturday )
  • Haneda(pickup only Saturday )

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Language homestays for everyone

  • A team available 7 days a week
    protects you during the stay
  • The payments are secure

From 435 € / week

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