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NEW/NOUVEAU !! Paula, Leah, Sandy and Aarons home


Hello, my name is Paula and with my son we have been hosting children's safely in our home for over 17 years. In my 17 years, me and my family have seen students from almost every part of the world. I begun hosting for a way to introduce my children to different languages and cultures. I quickly fell in love with the joy of watching people come to my house, have a really enjoyable life experience all while learning one of the most valuable skills a child could possibly learn and that is a second language.

We have housed more than 35 students for different lengths of time, some for a week and others for a full academic year. I work as a preschool teacher in Kilkenny City and hold multiple qualifications in child care. My daughter Leah lives in Dublin and is studying nursing but returns home every weekend while my son Aaron works in the pharmaceutical industry. Together with my sons Partner Sandra who is a fluent Spanish speaker we welcome and care for students all year round.

I live in a 5-bedroom house in a small town called Callan located in the beautiful historically rich medieval city of Kilkenny. the city has a small population of 27,000. Kilkenny is famous for its medieval buildings and castles.

I offer fully immersive long term stays and short term which include sourcing education for your child. We also source sport specific stays in sports such as martial arts and rugby. I also host more than one child so if your child wanted to come and learn English with a friend, we can accommodate for both. We often have more than one students in our home. This offers a playful and entertaining environment for them during there stay.

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  • Composition de la famille :

  • paula (Mère )
  • Aaron (Enfant • 28 ans)
  • Leah (Enfant • 20 ans)
  • Sandy (Autre )

Capacité d'accueil :

4 personne(s)
  • Accepte :

  • 10-18 ans (fille - garçon)
  • 18-25 ans (fille - garçon)
  • Adulte (femme - homme)
  • Couple

We can host up to 4 students at any one time. On average there is 2 students in the house. We strive to always have different nationalites who speake seprate languages. We only accept short term stays for people 18+ and long term stays for students attending school

Activités proposées :

Une journée type chez nous

During the school days the kids are usually up for about 8am. Everyone gets ready for the day and we all sit down and have breakfast together. The kids will attend school from 9am – 3.30pm. the kids will be picked up from school and we return to the house. If the kids have homework, they are encouraged to complete their homework straight away. After homework they can head out to play on one of the green areas around our housing estate or meet up with other children from there school. Dinner is usually between 6-8pm

During the weekend the kids meet up with there friends, attend local clubs for sports and hobbies and most importantly relax after a long week of learning English. As a host family we usually organise outings to local beauty spots and activities. Activities include cinema, restaurant’s, beach and sports.

  • Chambre individuelle
  • Animaux domestiques :
  • Arrêt de transport en commun le plus proche :
    10 mins

Options payantes proposées par la famille

We offer pick up and drop of from Dublin or Cork airport.

  • Cours de langue
  • Cours en école de langue
  • Activités payantes
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • jujitsu
  • Accueil gare ou aéroport
  • Dublin or Cork Airport

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