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NEW/NOUVEAU !! Anne's house in the country

We are a traditional family. We have 4 children,3 are older and living outside the home, and our youngest is 17 and still attending secondary school for 2 more years. My husband and I are nurses and work mostly opposite shifts. We love the outdoors and sports, there are various activities outside the home I have listed some but we can accommodate other activities if requested. We live in the "Sunny Southeast" at the foot of a mountain, but we are only 50 minutes from the ocean. We have fun as a family hiking, forest, and canal walks, family "dinner parties", gardening, and walking along the beach in the evening. coffee and lunch out in town, window shopping, and movies. We love fresh food, home baking, and doing creative things. We have hosted a foreign exchange student in the past, and they enjoyed their stay with us very much.

  • Composition de la famille :

  • Anne (Mère )
  • Gerard (Père )
  • Chafia (Enfant • 17 ans)

Capacité d'accueil :

1 personne
  • Accepte :

  • 10-18 ans (fille - garçon)
  • 18-25 ans (fille - garçon)

We are a household of chess enthusiasts and love reading. We are very active and spend many hours outside with sports and going to local areas of interest. We would be able to help improve language skills and give advice about local idioms and cultural language adjustments. I spent 10 plus years as a reading support library assistant in the national school, We are available to accommodate English lessons and help foster a deeper understanding of the language as far as proper use and local difference.

***The School costs can vary as book costs are according to the subjects chosen. There is another secondary school in the same town where the school cost is free just the uniform. The uniform is approximately 100 euro. I would have to liase with school regarding possible semester exchange. I am to clarify if this option would be available until the 14/08/2023

Activités proposées :

Une journée type chez nous

We live in the country. My husband and I are nurses, and we work opposite shifts. . I am American, but my husband is from Ireland, and we live in the area he grew up in. The house is located in the country and we are 12 kilometers to a sizeable town. We have a dog that stays inside the house and an outdoor cat. There is a lovely stream on the lane and many horses and cows. The ocean is approx. 40 minutes away and there are gorgeous woodlands and canal walks very close by . We spend our free time attending sporting activities, hiking, gardening, reading, and a range of various outings close by.

  • Chambre individuelle
  • Animaux domestiques :
    An indoor dog and an outdoor cat
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Options payantes proposées par la famille

Other Paid activities would be available, but prices vary and this must be considered upon request. School activities would be available more or less the cost is minimal

  • Cours de langue
  • Cours à domicile
  • Activités payantes
  • Saltee Island Ferry
  • Hook Lighthouse
  • Altamont garden
  • Newgrange
  • Accueil gare ou aéroport
  • Airport drop off and collection

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