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Adventure Time with the Sheffers!

We are a fun, and adventurous family of three, Nikki (mom), Greg (dad), and Kai (son, 2 years old). In our spare time, we love exploring the outdoors, and going on hikes and trails. On rainy days, we love staying in and doing family activities like baking, puzzles, playing board games, or trying a new restaurant or cafe in the city.

If you love being active, exploring, and trying new food, we're the family for you! We are also very close to our extended families, so there are usually family gatherings with lots of food, karaoke, and just spending quality time together!

We love to travel and enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures and lifestyles. We also love sharing the beauty of our city and province with visitors. We love being tourists in our own city and discovering new things locally - so, let's do it together!

  • Composition de la famille :

  • Nicole (Mère )
  • Greg (Père )
  • Kai (Enfant • 2 ans)

Capacité d'accueil :

1 personne
  • Accepte :

  • 10-18 ans (fille)
  • 18-25 ans (fille)

Activités proposées :

Une journée type chez nous

On our days off, we usually enjoy a relaxing morning with breakfast and tea. After eating, we will get ready for an outdoor adventure! Usually we go on a trail walk or hiking in the forest or mountain. We also like to enjoy community events, so if there is a local event going on, we will go and enjoy that. We are an active family and like to go outside as much as possible. On some evenings, we will do some grocery shopping together and it's always fun to choose the foods for the week. When it's raining, we try to do indoor activities like indoor parks, drop-in at recreation centres, playing games at home, or doing some chores around the house. We have many friends and family members we keep in touch with, so there will always be new people to meet!

On weekdays, our mornings start around 6am so we can get ready for work and prepare lunch bags for the day. Greg usually starts work early, so he is out of the house by 6am. Breakfast is around 7am for Kai and we leave at 8am for daycare and Nicole goes to work. In the evening, we come home and prepare and dinner together. After dinner, we will usually enjoy some creative activities with Kai, go for a walk, or go to the park fo some fresh air. Then we usually come back to do some cleaning and tidying of the house and kitchen. Before you know it, it's time to get ready for bed! once Kai is in bed, Nicole and Greg will do some work on the computer and prepare for the next day.

  • Chambre individuelle
  • Arrêt de transport en commun le plus proche :
    2 minute walk/acorss the street to a bus stop

Options payantes proposées par la famille

  • Cours de langue
  • Cours à domicile
  • Activités payantes
  • Caving tour
  • Mountain Hike with Gondola ride
  • Fitness Classes (dance, workout)
  • Swimming
  • Arcade/Indoor play gym
  • Food tour
  • Tree top mountain adventure/ziplining
  • Snow tubing
  • Stages Sportifs
  • Basketball camps
  • Soccer camps
  • Gymnastic camps
  • Wrestling camps
  • Summer sports camp with meals and board
  • Accueil gare ou aéroport
  • Pickup/dropoff to Vancouver International Airport

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