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NEW/NOUVEAU !! Welcome to Kathryn et Keith home

Myself and my husband keith
Have been hosting students for 360 years now weve enjoy meeting new and wonderful peoples from across the world we have even now hosted my exstudents children too

My child olivia has her own hobbies for example :
she love football .
bike riding .
swimming .
ice skating .
long walks .
xbox game with her friends .
guitar hero and lots of fun game interactive game
watching movies .

  • Composition de la famille :

  • Kathryn (Mère )
  • keith (Conjoint )
  • olivia (Enfant • 14 ans)

Capacité d'accueil :

4 personne(s)
  • Accepte :

  • 10-18 ans (fille - garçon)
  • 18-25 ans (fille - garçon)
  • Adulte (femme - homme)
  • Groupes et familles

Activités proposées :

Une journée type chez nous

how day starts with a healthy breakfast .orange juice ,cereal, toast ,eggs if they wish
how days actives could be to name a few :
cinema trip .
swimming .
rowing at high fields park .
galleries of justice .
ice skating .
tramoplining .
nottingham castle .
Trip to London .
a trip to rufford abbey .
a trip to wolaton park .
a trip to matlock baths .
a trip to the tails of robin hood .
a trip sherwood forest for the major oak tree and robin hoods visitors center
a trip to lincoln city and local attractions .
atrip to derbyshire dales and local attractions.
gedling country park .
greens working wind mill .
bestwood country park .
day trip to the beach for example skegness / scarbrough
and many more activities .
Any admission / enter fees to any of the activities will NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE will need to pay on the day of activity BY THEMSELVES THANK YOU

if any of the students have any interest of there own or they google something they would like to do why here in nottingham or they have there own specific interest we can alway work with them to do there own thing too .

all through i dont have teaching qualifications i am in touch with several local teachers some english lessons for them but i do have classroom experience and i could arrange some lessons at a extra cost .

we are surrounded with lots of interesting and beautiful places which ive already named a few above .

I do have a car so getting to places wouldnt be a problem which i could offer the day trip out to the local attractions .

  • Chambre partagée avec i haqve to spare rooms and he or she well have the
  • Arrêt de transport en commun le plus proche :
    im minutes from the a trip bus or a tram system they can use straight into the city

Options payantes proposées par la famille

  • Accueil gare ou aéroport
  • East midlands
  • Birmingham

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