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Language immersion trips in España

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Spanish Homestay

We offer language immersion in our home as well as tailor-made language tuition for students of all ages. You will feel at home and become an integral part of our family while improving your Spanish.


We have been hosting students of all ages from 2012. We enjoy sharing our daily life and experiences as well as learning about other cultures.

Nuestra familia
Carola madre 51ans sexo: M
Pedro padre 51ans sexo: H
Animales domésticos

Tortoises and cat. They all live in the garden and never enter the house.

Actividades propuestas
Música (escuchar)Música (escuchar)
Salidas por la ciudad
Visitas culturalesVisitas culturales
Bicicleta (paseos en...)Bicicleta (paseos en...)
Información adicional

We have an organic vegetable garden, an orchard and also an apiary.

Actividades de pago

Spanish language lessons

Un día normal con nosotros

We go to the vegetable garden everyday to take care of it. It is organic and we use a technique named Permaculture, which mimics the Nature. During school term, our son goes to college in the morning and our daughter goes to University in the afternoons. During holidays we go to the local open-air swimming-pool or to the river almost every day. We often go for a walk or ride a bike in the surrounding area. Our children go out with their friends in the neighbourhood or in the city and they are happy to take our guests with them.

Casa & distrito
Habitación individual : Sí
Nuestra casa :

We live in a typically Spanish neighbourhood which is peaceful and rural. It is common here for people to greet each other in the street and for children to play in the square so you will easily chat with locals and will also be able to join the activities of our community . The village has all services : library, bakery, grocery, newsagents, post office, pharmacy, bars and a restaurant. There is also a public sports centre with an open-air swimming-pool, tennis courts fronton (traditional Spanish game) and a bar. There is a football pitch nearby.

Preferencias de recibimiento
Información adicional

We can host up to three students atthe same time if two of them agree to share a room. We do not take students with the same language unless the agree.

Gastos de estancia
Moneda : EUR
Precio por semana : 280
Précios por actividades opcionales : Spanish language tuition per hour is 20 € (One to one), and 30 € (Two to one).

Información adicional : We can pick up or take to Madrid-Barajas airport those under-age hosts flying on their own. The cost of this service is: 90€ per journey.


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