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SwissFloridian B&B/hostfamily in Florida

Welcome to Florida. We are a Swiss-Floridian host family living in Deland, Florida. We do run an international, adventures and fun B&B homestay in our home. I am a registered nurse from Switzerland and my husband is a Floridian IT (Computer) manager here in town. We have 2 children, born in 1999 and 2013. We do have 1 friendly and clean Chihuahua lady. Our cat is outdoor at all times. We would love to welcome you and host you in our cozy home. I have travelled around the world 3 times and do speak 6 languages. I helped out in 3rd world countries after Tsunamis, worked with street children in Cartagena, Colombia, South America. I love the diversity of people, culture, religion, countryside's etc...


It is very important to be open minded, see what is out of the box and learn new cultures and languages. If you travel, you become a different and better person. You will mature in a different positive way. Travelling opens your mind, your soul and your heart. There will be less hate and disrespect and less racism. You will get a different perspective of another culture and therefore become more open minded. I want to give young people this unique experience, and opportunity, which they will always remember and will most deffenitely not learn at school.

Nuestra familia
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Animales domésticos

We have a sweet, quiet and clean Chihuahua lady. Her name is Lucy LOU. We also do have 1 outdoor cat.

Actividades propuestas
Cuidado de los animalesCuidado de los animales
Paséos y caminatasPaséos y caminatas
Un día normal con nosotros

We had exchange students from France and China. I will always dedicate myself and my time to these young students a 100%, as they become my adoptive children :-). Therefor I am very protective... Together we explore the Floridian life, do adventures excursions around Deland, the beach, the national parks, springs etc...... I will always speak with them in English. Only in an emergency I will talk to them in their native language... """ if I speak them """ ;-) During breakfast hours, 7 am-9.30 am, I will dedicate my time to our international guests... Sometimes I have to clean 1 or 2 rooms after breakfast hours... Everything depends on how busy we are......But one thing is for sure....I always dedicate my time to our young students as well :-). We have a cleaning lady, that also helps us during the busy times ;-) Late in the afternoon, I will pick up my son from school and once my husband comes home from work, it is family time ;-) Your child, no matter the age, will be part of our family of course :-) There are house rules, for our students, that have to be respected at all times :-) No alcohol, no smoking, no shoes in the house.

Casa & distrito
Habitación individual : Sí
Distancia a la parada de tránsito común :
5 min. from our home
Nuestra casa :

We live in a very safe, unique, clean and quiet area/ neighborhood. We are privileged to have a great and friendly neighborhood with good people around and absolutely gorges Victorian style houses from the early 18th-19th century. While you are jogging or just simply go for a walk, you can get inspired by this beautiful architecture and exotically very professionally laid out front yards. The best thing in our home, are our guests, which bring an immense diversity of life experience, language, culture etc.... Some guests have a degree and some don't. This combination of uniqueness, is what brings life and adventure to our Bed and Breakfast. It never gets boring. Stranger can become friends. You can interact with our guests or have your privacy, what ever works best with your personality :-). We highly respect our guest’s culture and traditions as they come from all over the world. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jewish people etc…. Everybody is welcome. There are times that we have an exchange student from Europe :-)

Preferencias de recibimiento
Información adicional

We usually only host 1 exchange student at a time unless they are from a different country and do not speak the same language :-)

Gastos de estancia
Moneda : USD
Precio por semana : 370
Precio por mes : 990

Información adicional : The price all depends on the age, length of stay, activities/ excursions he/she likes to do. Also if he/she likes full board or half board, the guest room he/she chooses etc....:-)


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Séjour Aout 2018

ERIC, Octubre 2018

Ma fille de 17 ans a séjourné 15 jours dans cette famille. Ce fut pour elle une excellente expérience, aussi bien pour la langue que pour la découverte de la région. La famille s'est occupée pleinement d'elle comme si c'était sa propre fille. De la prise en charge à l'aéroport jusqu'au départ, ma fille était très bien encadrée et en totale sécurité. Par ailleurs, pour avoir rencontré cette famille à la fin de son séjour, j'ai pu constater l'accueil chaleureux et les qualités humaines exceptionnelles de cette famille. Assurément une expérience inoubliable....

J’ai eu la chance cet été de

ERIC, Noviembre 2018

Je suis la fille d'Eric et j’ai eu la chance cet été de passer 2 super semaines en séjour linguistique chez Nicole et Robert. J’ai été accueillie encore bien mieux que je ne m’y attendais. Pendant ces 2 semaines, Nicole et Robert ont été très attentionnés, à mes petits soins et je me suis sentie comme chez moi.

Pas un seul jour je ne me suis ennuyée, ils m’ont fait découvrir leur ville et ses environs par le biais de plusieurs activités, accro-branche, promenades, plages, zoo, visites etc... je garde donc un souvenir inoubliable de cette super expérience qui est à vivre une fois dans sa vie.

N’hésitez donc pas à passer un séjour chez eux, rares sont les personnes aussi accueillantes, bienveillantes et chaleureuses comme Nicole, Robert et leurs enfants.