How does it work ?

LinguiFamily is a language immersion exchange platform for families.


It allows individuals all over the world to connect and to organize language immersion trips for children, adolescents and students, from 10 to 25 years years old.

3 options for families :

  • IMMERSION : send their children to a personally selected host family for an immersion stay.
  • HOST : have a young guest, who is personally chosen, stay with them.
  • EXCHANGE : send your child to a host family and have the host family’s child stay with you in return.


On the platform information related to families and their ways of life is shown and it is up to you to choose the best match.


Reservation Procedure



Looking for a Family

Check out the options and select the family that best suits your child’s hobbies/interest. Once you have found a suitable family, register on the website and send a reservation request to the family.

Booking Online

Once your reservation request has been accepted, you will have access to the family's personal information and can freely contact them. A reservation confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

Booking Tickets

You can then book the airplane or train tickets after checking on any necessary health or travel insurance for your child.

Get set and Enjoy your trip in peace

Having communicated with your host family by phone or online you should feel comfortable and ready for your child’s immersion trip.

Write a Rating

Once the guest has returned from their trip, please write a rating for their host family.

Travelling for an immersion & hosting


Register in a few clics

Describe your family, including their hobbies and interests with pictures. Please clearly specify the Hospitality Fee, if applicable, on your profile. Upload relevant ID documents and bank details, if you so wish, to facilitate the booking process.

Choosing a Guest

Carefully choose amongst the guest requests that have been sent to you and select the ones that best suit your family’s interests and availabilities.

Initial Contact

Communicate with future guests and their parents online, by phone or video-call. Make some initial contact to get to know each other and to plan their arrival.

Guest Arrival

Meet your young guest at the train station or airport. Do what you can so that all parties enjoy and take advantage of the immersion trip to its fullest. The (reasonable) fee payed by their family is to be used to cover room and board.

Write a Comment

Once the guest’s stay is finished, please leave a comment on the guest’s profile.